Australia is one of the top quality resources for teaching and research at an international level. Universities and technical schools, professional schools, and we are known globally. Australia is a world leader in English language training courses for international students. Australian Government agencies law assure quality control and law enforcement should be applied to cases of international students in Australia, and their parents the services and support benefit Binazir.  Australia is a multicultural society safe, friendly, sophisticated and harmonious that students can learn and travel in an English speaking country. Australia has a very high value and high standard of living in this country.

* What is the cost of studying in Australia?

An Australian government survey showed that the total cost - including tuition and living expenses - in Australia, Great Britain and the United States are much less. Fees vary depending on the course or institution. This web site provides a guide to the average cost. The cost of living depends on location, location and lifestyle are different. Between 16,000 to 24,000 Australian dollars in education costs and living expenses vary between 12 thousand to 18 thousand dollars a year.

* The documentation is valid for Australia in our country?

Documents that are offered in Australia to find employment or further education in reputable international universities have an international reputation. Australia by the Australian Qualification System is a national system of learning in Australia and other countries have been accepted.

* Is it possible to get a scholarship?

Yes. Is it possible to get scholarships for international students and graduate students, however, more scholarships are awarded to the top universities. Most international students in Australia are those who are paying your full tuition scholarships are not entitled to them.

* Can I work while studying in Australia?

Yes. International students in Australia on a student visa can apply for permission to work up to 20 hours per week and full time during the course of unemployment during the holidays to. For more information about working while studying in Australia Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs website, please refer to the Migration Board repetitive questions refer.

* What are the documents required to study at Australian institutions?

Students for entry into Australian educational institutions must meet the minimum academic requirements and English language skills should be sufficient. Your selection criteria of academic institutions to evaluate the proposal. Their content and level of education completed in Australia or you can check yourself.

* If you do not meet admission requirements, what happens?

If you do not meet the requirements for admission to higher education in the secondary school in Australia if you sign up. If you have not met the requirements for admission to undergraduate can you study at higher educational institutions in Australia are preparing to sign a temporary position in the course of your booking. Senior Qualification Bridging Program courses as recommended in this case. There are many English language courses can be started any time of year and you are ready to study postgraduate courses in Australia. We recommend that you apply before and during your course must consult with the Institute of qualified acceptance. Here are six levels of English for all levels from beginner to advanced English language skills there. Long periods of time is usually between 4 to 48 weeks, you can register at any time of year.

* How do Australian institutions are classified ?

Australian institutions are not officially classified. However, many trade publications and organizations in the achievement of specific business benchmarks as compared to students technology or support services.

All relevant international institutions to provide high quality courses in Australia are the Australian Government legislation requires them to be registered and qualified to ensure quality. Excellence in teaching, research, facilities and support services in Australia, there are various educational systems. Future students should be adapted by institutions to focus their interests and special needs.

* Australian institutions in the country that is my campus?

A series of training courses are offered both in Australia and abroad. This course provides the opportunity for you to get your degree in Australia or you can combine your education, Study in Australia in his country. You deal directly with the institution's courses that are offered in your country to Czech.

* Is an international student can be accepted in Australian schools?

Yes. All public and private schools that accept international students under state law, students must meet specific requirements to Australia.

* the specific support services are offered to international students ?

Yes. Australia, an international leader in protection and support services to international students.

* What do you do in your leisure time?

Educational institution to obtain a large portion of extracurricular activities on campus and community can provide. These activities include music, drama, sports and outdoor activities are. Many social activities are also organized. Campuses are located in areas that allow students to experience and motivation of technical progress and we have the facilities and entertainment. The main campus, you'll discover life in our cities and regional centers and community mental experience. Over the course of time you can travel to the plains and most spectacular natural setting and see Australia's physical beauty.

* How is the climate in Australia?

Australia has a varied climate and geography. It is located in the southern hemisphere and summer in Australia in December and winter begins in June. Approximately one-third of the Australian tropics, where temperatures average 20 degrees Celsius that is. Located south of the temperate zone.

* From what source can we get more information?

The Australian Government has an extensive network of education counselors are. Australian schools and educational consultants around the world a fair and reliable advice on offer opportunities to study in Australia. The latest information on Australian education system, education and living costs, the application process and to record registration and lived in Australia for local authority sites and libraries in institutions all over the world are available. You can choose to study in Australia, with local language sites for specific countries, please refer to the information.