Car Rental

A tourism center and the car. The. To facilitate the transport and handling of tourists in tours of local, foreign and other management departments to establishing their own transportation to the prior year. The management initially having a number of cars, buses and minibuses, public transportation services offered to tourists. International car rental agency Yvrvpkar followed by France, the rent in private cars with driver or without driver also placed on its agenda. It was well-received by the public so that the center of the face in 1384 in order to expand the scope of its activities and services, the management of a joint-stock company nationality of the center into. At present, the company possesses experienced and trained private and public vehicles (buses and minibuses) and equipped with advanced intra-and extra-urban roads can provide.

Yvrvpkar of the first and only international standard of car rental in systems dependent on tourism and the Automobile Association of the Islamic Republic of Iran with special benefits and exceptional services to the rental vehicle by local and international respectively. These activities are very good opportunities for people who need to rent a car in Iran or other countries would have to be able to easily do before the trip, in every city and the country of vehicle to rent out for a while. If you have your own car, no problem, just pay the cost of fuel and depreciation for a course of this journey, she comes back to the car is worth in like that a car if you journeys, Byshtrh out of her bag. Housing for cheap hotels in any city other than the price you would like Formula One and Ibis use of camping that is embedded in every city, of course, necessary equipment, such as containers and tents, cooking with you. A full story here that I have read about buying a car in France. If you stay together or not at all by Mykhvahyn Khvdrvtvn house, you're using the car rental agency, which is poured out like Ftyr Mashallah! This sort of thing is a good way to travel and you rent a place somewhere else, openness to deliver! For some companies this Hrts , Aweys , Yvrvp work and check.