The country is composed of the islands of Great Britain, the northeastern part of the island of Ireland, and more than 4,000 others. British lands in the South East of England and is the place. Intake of clay valleys and rivers, including the Thames and Trent, of relatively low-lying hills, the hills and Cleveland Katvvldz limestone, white clay hills North and South Davvnz Davvnz and Yvrksh Vvldz and Lincoln Vvldz evil, apart from making . Fnltd area in the East of England, has been revived mainly of swamps and flat landscape. Anglya is covered by glacial soils. Lnkshr coastal plains and the northern West Chshr only other lowland England. Island in the southwest overnight - Don and Kranval - including a granite mountain is Dartmvr and Aksmvrd. Pnaynz limestone mountains and meadows that make up the spine along the middle of the north of England. Lake District (in Cumbria) is dropped from the highest point of the mountain region of England Askafl Pike Peak, located at an altitude of 978 meters. Wales is part of a mountain range consisting of a plateau in the south Byknz Jvarshan Brkn mountains, mountain ranges Bruenn Kadraydrys and is located in the center and north of the National Park Asnvdnya. Snowden, with its highest peak is 1085 meters high. In Scotland, the northern and southern Plnz Nvakhy Haylndz the Central Rift Valley Lvlndz, where most of the population, agriculture and industry that is found in Scotland, will separate. Haylndz the Great Glen Canyon Heights location Lakh Ness lake, they split. Although the summit of Ben Nevis, Scotland's highest point, the most impressive mountain ranges Haylndz is Kayrngvrm. Plndz southern zone of 853 meters. Other lands in the North East of Scotland including Bokan, Kate Ness and north coastal plain around the mouth of the Murray Firth. The numerous islands of the West of Scotland and Yvtrhbryyz Aynrhbrdyz (inner and outer islands Hbryd) Avrkny Islands and Shetland Islands in the north it is. Ayrlndshmaly several area full of peaks and valleys, the mountains in the North West sprain, Antrym County highlands and mountains with Mount Moran Danard Slave is a 852 meters high. Not Lakh - in the center of Northern Ireland - the country's largest lake.  Major rivers: Severn, Thames (and Cherne), Trent - Humber, air (and Oz), Oz (Great or Bedford), substitute, t (and reflection) Nn, Clyde.  highest point: Ben Nevis, 1,392 m.  Climate: temperate climate of this country drives (the water) is the North Atlantic. The local climate is extremely diverse, particularly the slightly higher total rainfall of 500 mm to 5000 mm in the North West Scotland South East is changing.

Major cities: Birmingham, Glasgow, Leeds - Bradford, Newcastle, Liverpool, Sheffield, Natyngm, Brytsvl 0 Adnbrh (Edinburgh), Brighton, Portsmouth, Leicester, Stoke On Trent, Mydlzbrh, Bvrnmvt, Coventry - Bdvrt; City 300/306), Cardiff, Prstn, South Hmptn, Savtnd, Blackpool, Swansea, Brknhd, Plymouth, Rochester, Aldershot, Lvtn, Derby, Aberdeen, Reading, Sunderland, Narych (Norwich), Nvrtmn, Milton Keynes
Area: 244,820 sq km
Coastline: 12,429 km
Geographical coordinates: 54 ° north and 2 ° West

Parliament is not - it is comprised of more than 750 hereditary members, more than 20 Lords of Appeal (other members of hereditary), more than 370 life members, 2 archbishops and 24 bishops of the Church of England. Assembly consists of 651 members who are elected by the vote of all those wings for five years. The king appoints the prime minister is someone who enjoys the support of a majority of the House of Commons.  major political parties include: • Conservative Party • Labour • Liberal Democrat local parties including the Scottish National Party •, • Playd Kymrv (nationalist Party of Wales) • Democratic Unionist Party • Party • Party Syvsyal Dmvkratv labor unionism Alster ( Northern Ireland) United Kingdom consists of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the Northern Ireland government delegating authority in law is predicted. Queen Elizabeth II (since 6 February 1952 on the death of his father succeeded him).  States United Kingdom Country Area (km) 78775 Adynbrh Central Scotland (Edinburgh), UK 14120 130441 London, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Wales, Cardiff  20,768 islands, islets linked linked linked to the United Kingdom but not part of it. Sign island area (square kilometers) center of St Helier Jersey 116.2 Guernsey (including Ldrny, Sark and associated islands Kvchktrdygr) 75 square kilometers. (Island) Guernsey 3/63 square kilometers, Ldrny 9/7 square kilometers and SAARC fifth square kilometers. Saint Peter Port Saint Anzmybashd Ldrny center. There is no town or village on the island of Sark and living it is to be distributed. British Dependent Territories  Position Name Land Area (square kilometers) center of the small island of Anguilla in the East Caribbean islands Lyvard. 48 km north of the colony includes the island of Anguilla is Svmbrrv. 96 square kilometers, 91 square kilometers of Anguilla, Bermuda Svmbrrv 5 square kilometers Dooley group of 100 small islands in the Atlantic 54 West Hamilton Island, Pitcairn Islands in the South Pacific Ocean about 4800 km from Four East New Zealand 48 square kilometers Pitcairn 5 / 4 square kilometers, Henderson, and it Dvsy 5/43 square kilometers. Population: 52 (all in Adams Town Island, Pitcairn Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands two groups - a total of 30 - 430 Kakbrn southeast Bahamas island like a small town on the coast of southern Spain, Gibraltar, overlooking the entrance to the northern Atlantic Sea Islands, South Georgia and the South Sndvych 6,5 Gibraltar Mediterranean island of South Georgia Island in the Falkland Islands 1290 km East South Sndvych is located 760 km southeast of South Georgia. 4,091 square kilometers, 3,775 square kilometers of South Georgia, 336 miles south of the islands Sndvych squares British territory in the Indian Ocean (Chagos in the Indian Ocean Algiers Convention) 60 and functions Saint Helena (St. Helena in the South Atlantic island 1930 km West Africa. functions are 1130 kilometers north west of the Island of St. Helena, Ascension, and Tristan Dakvna group consisting of six kilometers southwest of the island of Saint Helena in 2120 to 419 square kilometers - 122 square kilometers of Saint Helena, Ascension 88 square kilometers, the islands of Tristan Dakvna 200 square kilometers. (98 km ² island of Tristan Dakvna gap of 90 square kilometers, the Akssybl 10 Nightingale Island 2 square kilometers and square kilometers).: Jamestown (in Saint Helena) 400/1 (estimate 1987). center Georgetown, Ascension, Tristan center is Dakvna Adynbrh. Falkland Islands Group consists of two main islands and more than 100 small islands in the South Atlantic Ocean, about 770 km north of East Cape Horn 12170 Cayman Islands (a group of three islands in the West Jamaica 290 km). 259 Georgetown Montserrat small island in the north eastern part of the British Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe in the Caribbean 98 Plymouth Group 153 Road Town Virgin Islands in the Caribbean coast state Gvankdvng Kavlvn Peninsula Hong Kong, comprising China, Hong Kong Island, and about 235 other small islands near the peninsula Kavlvn Trytvryz force. their sovereignty over Hong Kong to China on 1 July 1997 Kong will be opening in New Trytvryz 1,045 square kilometers - Hong Kong Island 79 square kilometers, 42 square kilometers Kavlvn Peninsula, New Trytvryz 924 square kilometers. Victorian large part of Hong Kong Join the United Nations of Europe, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the Group of Seven, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, Council of Europe

The country - which was formed in 1801 from the union of Great Britain and Ireland - with revolutionary and Napoleonic France (1789 to 1815) almost constantly fought, and came out of the wars of colonial spoils. Queen Victoria's reign (reigned from 1837 to 1901) had witnessed the British authority. Britain - the country's first industrial revolution was Dstkhvn - took control of world trade. British politicians - including the Prime Minister Sir Robert cells (178 to 1850), Lord Palmerston (1784 to 1865), William debris Gladstvn (1809 to 1898) and Benjamin Dyzayyly (1804 to 1881) - had prevailed in the political arena. British Empire, including many parts of Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Canada and Australia.

Literacy rate: close to 100% (estimated 1992). Compulsory education age 5 to 16 years. Number of 92 (including the University of Wales Colleges) plus eight other colleges that offer courses for university equivalent.

More than one fifth of the UK workforce is employed in manufacturing industries. Important industries include iron and steel, motor vehicles, electronics and electrical, textile and apparel, aircraft, and consumer goods. British industry is heavily dependent on imported raw materials. Oil production in the country (the North Sea) Khvdkfast and important reserves of natural gas and coal, though it was uneconomic coal mining industry is declining old. Since the UK is an important country in terms of trade, London, one of the largest banking, financial and insurance world, and an important contribution to export earnings of these services are invisible. Tourism is an important source of foreign exchange earnings. Agricultural (and forestry) 2% of the labor force includes the main products and Gavst sheep. East of the common agricultural products, mainly barley, wheat, potatoes and sugar beet have. British 1970 growth rate higher than the level with no western European countries. Economic issues include recurrent crises, lack of confidence in the pound, renewed credit policies and high unemployment (regional) respectively. From 1980 onwards, most large national industries have been privatized.