Hotel Guide

At times you may question the terms that apply to hotels, travel agents about what they are? What's With All The Difference FB? Twin beds with King What is the difference? What is a Resort? In this post we tried to answer all your questions to choose your hotel with information on more than you can take. Stay with us:
Motel Motel:
Motels and Motor Hotel combines the two words and the way of nature, and are usually located outside the cities. Definition, we can say that the motel is a hotel where travelers can enter with your car and even parked the car to the front door of your room. One of the main features of the motel lobby in their absence as soon as guests enter the hotel without having to walk to your room key and get Rspshn directly into your room to drive.

Pensions Hotel Pension:
Drshhrvaq and number of rooms, living rooms, dining hall food shall be as a library and reading room and TV room that has been prepared to predict. Pensions are usually monthly or annual rent rooms to other customers outside the hotel for meals not accept. Accordingly usually just boarding lounge and dining room need to be considered. There are certain rules Drpansyvn travelers have specific hours for breakfast, lunch and dinner Srmyzhazrshvnd certain time until the door is open for boarding.

Resort Hotels Resort Hotel:
Refers to the hotel or the beach are usually the mineral springs. (Hotel for rest)

Apartment Hotel Apartment Hotel:
Hotel is a place to stay so that the passengers would be welcome. We welcome you to drop in a hotel, apartment hotel takes shape. Hotel Apartments cookware, there need be no feel to the restaurant. Apartment rental accommodation in hotel apartments is very similar except that there is no lease agreement and can travel at any time to leave the hotel and settle. Unlike hotels, hotel apartments, which are tough and flexibility are very different types. Hotels are usually built like a large number of apartments are cared for. During their stay in a very different and vary from several days to several months. Usually lower their prices of hotels in a row passengers can choose to stay where it is seen as a temporary home away from the original location of their lives 's. So whatever is available at home may also be provided at the hotel

All hotels by stars

2 star hotels:

Clean and comfortable and the decoration of the requirements of this hotel is well-organized and coordinated. Provide some but not all cases require a two-star rating is:
Housekeeping is very good, attractive decoration and color TV in all rooms, quality furniture, with a restaurant meal delivery service, swimming pool, room service, hotel entrance with adequate capacity, a normal sized bed and larger, good service and nice bathrooms, plenty of cabinets, entertainment facilities, high quality towels and soap, and laundry and room service staff trained.

3 star hotels:

Three star hotel services are offered in fully and properly managed, this hotel has a beautiful landscape and the possibilities are vast. Provide a three-star rating requires some but not all cases are as follows:

Cleanliness and good housekeeping and maintenance, large entrance hall with attractive design, working 24-hour reception space, large rooms and comfortable living space with no fuss with adequate lighting and decoration and some interesting paintings on the walls, furniture with high quality system, central air conditioning and heating system, carpeted rooms with mattresses, high quality and excellent temperature control thermostat, room service are some of the beautiful cosmetics, soaps Vhvlh quality is excellent, the rooms luxurious suites, wide range of services to the rooms, there are two devices in one room and another in the bathroom or on a bedside table, a swimming pool on the premises or nearby, wake up service, there is more than a restaurant with superb food, features entertainment for guests including sauna, golf. . . Vyzhshh services such as meeting rooms, a car park by the employee.

4 star hotels:

This should not only hotels but also offer all the necessary services should have their own identity. Secure the comfort and convenience of guests, the main goal is to staff, trained, efficient, knowledgeable and polite are the kind of hotels are various features. Offering four-star rating requires some but not all cases are as follows:

Extra housekeeping and maintenance of the hotel, rooms and green spaces, specifically designing and building attractive, luxurious entrance hall, very nice furniture, public spaces, works of art, high quality carpet and fresh flowers, wonderful landscape and natural environment, suitable and attractive decorations for the reception, Rzvrasyvn very fast and efficient, committed employees with uniforms, a concierge, professional management, excellent equipment, restaurant cuisine, excellent service, the rooms are large rooms with plenty of light and good furniture and nice, a TV and great decorations and decorated with artwork, both the phone and the other one on the bedside table, a comfortable mattress and a blanket and extra large beds and regular service two times a day, room, bath room very clean cosmetics soap and towel, first aid box, a mirror for shaving and makeup system, hand dryer, clothes to give guests a comfortable, smart lighting in bathrooms and bedrooms and other facilities like transportation, newspaper Free and ...

5 star hotels:

These hotels are located in the first row. Rules and standards of five-star hotel and its quality should always be kept constant. Offering five-star rating requires some but not all cases are as follows:

Beautiful and unique architecture and decoration, unique and continuous maintenance and housekeeping, with more than 100 rooms, entrance hall, guest rooms, public space decorated with art, high-quality carpet, beautiful lobby, admissions office space in a very orderly and quiet, with a 24-hour guard service, trained and committed staff, rooms are decorated with antiques, have three phones (bed, desk and bathroom), clean room, two times a day, Bathrooms, beautiful and modern, has excellent and varied cuisine restaurants and food service system, features a charming restaurant, service, shipping, shop, clothing store, with drinks fridge in the rooms.

5 star Hotel staff very nice and uniform, wearing fashionable clothes, polite and efficient awareness and good PR, are committed to providing excellent service to guests. New manager for professionals, service consistency, continuity and impeccable care homes have basic components to keep their grades 5 stars.

Note: Important note about star hotels and hotel apartments is the "5-star hotels to classify a while inns and apartments from one to three stars Hotel classify. In other words, 3-star hotel 5 star hotels are on par with the two types of accommodation facilities and services in terms of quality they are the best. "

Types of Hotels:

Commercial Hotel hotel business
Sub-urban Hotel Hotel suburb
Urban Hotel Urban Hotel
Hotel Atrium Hotel Bazmyany space
Meca Hotel Grand Hotel
Conference Hotel Convention Hotel
Hotel Airport Air port Hotel
Lodging Type Hotel residential hotel guests who are staying longer
Hotel Night Game Night Clup Hotel
Hotel Super Deluxe Super Lux Hotel
Hotel All Suite Hotel Suite
Basvyyt of a class hotels scattered BungalowSuite Hotel
The path Motel Motel
Motor inn motel middle of the road
Cheap hotels Budget inn
Hotel entertainment Resort Hotel
Apartment Hotel Apartment Hotel
Hotel ownership when sharing Time Sharing Hotel
Condominium Hotels Condominium Hotel
Boarding House Pension
Guest House Inn
Guest houses, resorts Hostel
Dormitory accommodation
Hotel Casino Hotel Cazino

All rooms in the hotel

Office Suite Office Suite
Conference Suite Conference Suite
Mini Suite Mini Suite
Regular Suite Junior Suite
Deluxe Suite Two Deluxe Suites
Doublex Suite Duplex Suite
Important travelers Suite Vip Suite
Luxurious bedroom Imperial Suite
Enclosed bedroom Pent house Suite
Honeymoon suite Fiesta Suite
Honeymoon Suite (for accommodation) Dolcevita Suite
Single Suite Single Suite
Kabana Cabana
Studio Studio
Apartment Apartement
Bnglv Bungalow
Remote Function rooms away
Room nested Connected Room
Balcony Room with Balcony Room
Room with Private Pool Room With Private Pool
Banquet Room Banquet Room
Family Room Family Room
Family unit Family Units
Common room with a bathroom Room With Bath
Woods View Room Jungle Room with a view
A typical room without bathroom Room Without Bath
Reception hall, living room or Parlor
Types of rooms

Single room: single room, which is called a single. It is a short bed SGL mark is displayed.

Double room: Double or Twin room for two people who called. The double room has a double bed Twin rooms have two beds placed together and are abbreviated with the symbol DBL is shown separately.

Triple room: Room three is called a triple. It has 3 single beds or a double bed and a single bed can be placed together and canvassed the TPL signal is shown.

Suite Suite: The room is said to be the front and the back bedroom has its own reception, at some hotels at the reception area down a few steps above bedrooms and is located in the room (Doublex) Of course, at the Hotel A small kitchen can be established.

Apartment Apartment: consists of a hall and reception with one, two or three bedrooms, each with two beds. If that is Dvataqh, usually a room (double) double bed and a Twin room, two single beds will. Every apartment has a shared bathroom and a small kitchen. Usually served in a chair or sofa, there Tdadkafy there.

Studio Studio: the rooms are said to be seen on entering the room, but the chairs or sofa bed in the bedroom in the order they will reception room of the time, and the bedroom night 's. course, are made to the sofa pillows and blankets and sheets that can fit into it. Studio room has a bathroom, a small kitchen studio can be.

Roman Kanktd Connected Room: The room is called nesting, both rooms are the hotel's main lobby, each individually complete a room and separate bathroom, these two rooms are connected by one in the middle . If a family of four, may request such a room, a room for children and parents will be staying in another room, without having to open the door to the main hallway, two rooms in the middle of the door can be associated with .
Kabana Cabana: The floor of the room, which opens a window to get it attached to the entry pool. Such a room could be living in your own room to change clothes.
Fiesta Hotel Fiesta Suite: These suites are usually in hotels and wedding halls that House after the wedding, the bride and groom to relax and sleep well placed. These expenses generally include the cost of the Assembly before the wedding suite and a separate account is approved.
There are other rooms in hotels and Mtlha Vtmayl passengers provided they are placed according to the topics they are interested in a table "room types" is given.

Throne of the hotel

Bed room - convertible sofa beds Bed-parlor
Bed-Studio = Convertible Sofa sofa converts to a bed
Become Sofa Bed Convertible Couch
Sleeping Couch Sofa Bed
Folding-up bed bed bed
Roll-A-Way-Bed Folding Bed
A single bed Single
Apart from two single Twin beds
A double bed Double
One double bed and two single beds Twin Double
Large Double Bed Queen Size
Large King Size Bed
Double-Double Bed Double bed double
Water bed mattress with Water Bed
Double Deck Bed Bunk Beds

Types of beds available in the hotel rooms at the table "of" flat is presented here, but travelers should be familiar with Bed and crib.

Bad Extra Extra Bed Cots
Because some families are too many people and too many Tkhtkhvabhay room, extra bed will inevitably have to use. Extra capacity for extra Tkhtkhvabhay call. These beds form the floors of the hotel and there will Rspshn to housekeeping, the rooms are laid out. These beds are folding type, because it should be delivered in a form that is issued for an extra bed, at extra passengers get to be the room to account for is. A copy of this form to Kshyr (Fund) goes to bed at extra room to be written.

Passengers who bring children often need to have a crib because the baby is not suitable for passengers Tkhtkhvabhay on beds of normal children and for adults are likely to fall off. The form that was mentioned during these beds to a room, additional funds will be added to the account. Crib, the mattress has a sheet that prevents moisture from reaching the baby mattress is.

Service of the hotel

OR) Only Room): Stay in the room, no meals.

BB) Bed & Breakfast): Room to stay the day with a breakfast.

HB) Half Board): namely, to stay with room for a breakfast and a lunch or dinner. For example H.B services in Dubai are commonly referred to as a breakfast and a lunch while in the service of Turkey (Antalya region, Aegean Region) refers to a breakfast and a dinner.

FB) Full Board): namely, to stay with room for a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner. In some hotels, the room service Full board plus the service to stay with a breakfast, a lunch, a dinner and beverages are offered during lunch and dinner.

ALL) All Inclusive): The rooms for accommodation with all meals including breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner and free drinks. It is usually located on the hotel's beach towns like Kusadasi, Bodrum, Marmaris, Antalya. . . Will be provided and drinks are provided, for example, produced inside or outside depending on the country and on what hours of the day are presented as of the word a variety of Ultra All Inclusive Maximum All Inclusive. Some of the hotels in which such services are offered free use of watersports such as jet skiing, water skiing, diving, massage and more. . . For once during the stay is part of the service.