Israel (the Hebrew : יִשְׂרָאֵל) state Southwest Asia and the region East is. The official name of the State of Israel (the Hebrew : מְדִינַת יִשְׂרָאֵל) and its capital city Jerusalem is. Vastness of the country's 22,145 Square kilometers (151 th in the world). called Jews ( Children of Israel ) means the children of Israel. Israel, on the east coast The Mediterranean Sea is located north of the Lebanon in the north-eastern Syria , on the East by Jordan and the West Egypt has land borders. Also in the East with Israel West Bank of the Southwest Gaza is near. Despite the country's relatively small size, it has a variety of geographical features. If you are planning to travel in Israel, you can easily book online your Tour to Israel with Yourway.

Israel is the only country mainly Jews in the world. based on the latest census, Israel's central statistics agency , the country's population of seven million and 500 thousand tons and 700 thousand Dashthastkh about five million of its population structure Jews have formed. And the rest of the population structure of Muslims , Christians , Druze and consists Samryvn. The largest part of the so-called ethnic minorities citizens Israeli Arabs comprise.The modern state of Israel has its roots in historical and religious Israel from The Bible is its antiquity Zion has been told. ancient land of Israel as a vital region of the Kingdom of Israel and Kingdom of Judah. The formation of a political movement. Zionism in 1897 In Balfour Declaration, the League of Nations , the The First World War and after the fall The Ottoman Empire , Great Britain mandate over Palestine to United Kingdom gave to Great Britain the Mandate "good background in political, economic and security establishment of the Jewish national home and also be responsible for protecting the civil and religious rights of all the inhabitants of Palestine, irrespective of race and religion" attempt.

On 29, November 1947 Since the United Nations , the plan divided Palestine into two States, Israel and Palestine and the city Jerusalem , to be adopted internationally. The Zionist leaders accepted the plan, but the Palestinians and Arab states immediately rejected it. As a result of the history 30, November 1947 Until 14, May 1948 , between the Palestinian and Jewish militias, bloody battles ensued. Finally, on 14, May 1948 CE - 5 IR 5708 Hebrew - 24 May 1327 Solar and coincided with the end Great Britain the mandate over Palestine , "Israel" issued Declaration of Independence , was announced A day after the declaration of independence, all of Israel's Arab neighbors simultaneously Attacks that were defeated. Since then, a series of military conflicts between Israeli and Arab forces occurred most notably during 49 - 1948 , 1956 , 1967 , 1973 And 1982 Since occurred.

Israeli official member United Nations and now with over one hundred and fifty-seven countries Diplomatic relations are. The country also hosts three sacred buildings Abraham 's Judaism , Christianity and Islam and the holy host The Baha'i religion is. Israel developed country and its government, parliamentary republic is. The country has Parliamentary system and Suffrage is. In this state, prime minister as head of government, and Knesset (Israeli parliament) serves as the legislative branch.

Per year 2008 In Israel, on the basis of GDP was ranked 41 th largest economy in the world. nation of Israel in terms of academic ranking, the best science in the region The Middle East has. Of Human Development Index in 2008 Julian, ranked 23rd in the world. The terms of this index is the highest in the region. The people of this country in terms of life expectancy, has one of the highest ranked among the world's nations. According to the Reporters Without Borders , Israeli media, the highest Freedom in the region Middle East have Israeli area of 22,145 square kilometers is. Israel is the 151 th country in the world in terms of geographic area. Israel in the north. Lebanon in the north-eastern Syria , on the East by Jordan and the West Egypt has land borders. Also in the East with Israel West Bank of the Southwest The Gaza Strip is nearby. Israel also through Mediterranean Sea , Gulf of Aqaba and The Red Sea has a blue border. Despite the vastness of the country's small, geographically diverse features included. The world's saltiest lakes The Dead Sea is located on the border of Jordan and Israel. Israel's largest lake, Lake Kynrt domain Golan Heights is located. Negev is a large desert in southern Israel. The desert, some 55 percent of Israeli territory Pvshandhast Based on census 2009 In Israel, about seven million 500 thousand people have Around five million and 700 thousand of its population structure Jews have formed. The remaining demographics of Muslims , Christians , Druze and consists Samryvn. The largest part of the so-called ethnic minorities citizens Israeli Arabs comprise. Israeli Arabs comprise 19.7% of the Israeli population. According to statistics, more than 135 thousand citizens Iranian living in Israel.

The formation of the Zionist State of Israel
The second wave of immigration to the Zionist movement in the Middle East (1904 - 1914) and more than 40,000 Jews emigrated to the land. In 1917, Secretary of State Great Britain Arthur J. Balfour issued the famous Declaration of Taking Palestine as a homeland for the Jews was supported. In 1920, as a member of the Palestinian League of Nations mandate under Great Britain was adopted. The third wave of Jewish immigration (1919 - 1923), fourth (1924 - 1929), after The First World War continued. The Arab Revolt in Palestine in 1929, 133 Jews, including 67 people Hebron killed. At the end World War II , the Jewish population of Palestine was more than 600,000. In 1939, Great Britain "white paper (government report) 1939" issued to Jewish immigration and land purchase and where they will be limited by the Arab uprisings might happen between 1936-1939 served. From the perspective of the Jewish and Zionist organizations, the " white paper "was a betrayal of the Balfour Declaration in 1917. While the Arabs were not happy with the decision and called for a complete halt to Jewish immigration into the country. But this "white paper" of the policy Great Britain was the land until the end of the Mandate period. Terms Split plan presented by Nations in the region was divided between Arabs and Jews equally and Jerusalem ( Yerushalayim ) is the area under United Nations auspices, to avoid a collision. But the Jews were not satisfied and the scheme to other areas they occupied and annexed. Arabs also opposed any form of Jewish sovereignty and declared his opposition

After the state of Israel
In 1948. Occupying a large part of Palestine in ancient Mkabyz Kingdom , Israel in West Asia in the east Mediterranean was formed. Its area is 21,000 square kilometers and has a population of 3.69 million tons. Its capital city Tel Aviv and its major cities. Jerusalem and Haifa (major port) has been established by law to the Knesset, the capital, and foreign embassies in Jerusalem moved to go, but so far only United States of America and the Centre's decision to recognize Shnakhthast its main representative has moved to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the capital is still in effect.

Israeli parliament
Knesset (parliament) in Jerusalem Israeli parties are the main actors in the scene Political , these Ahzabnd that determines the type of life, social and political orientation in Israel. The main parties in the establishment of the State of Israel to exist many years ago, many have been split in the coalition and the coalition are split until now. The existence of any party in Israel Judaism recognizes the right of any party political activity and that more than half of Knesset should be in the hands of the government and other parties in the coalition cabinet is formed, otherwise, the Prime Minister is appointed by direct popular vote and the president is purely ceremonial post by the Knesset for a period of 5 years is .