Coastal lands, limestone plateaus (called "cockpit country") and surrounds the central mountains.  Rvdmhm: Black River.  highest point: the lack of blue mountains, 2256 meters.  Climate: lands, and rainy tropics, mountains are cooler and wetter. Jamaica is exposed Tvfnd.

Major cities: Spanish Town, Mvntygvby
Area: 10,991 sq km
Coastline: 1,022 km
Geographical coordinates: 18 degrees 15 minutes north and 77 degrees 30 minutes West

60 members of the House of Representatives for a five-year period are elected by vote of all adults. 21 members of the Senate are appointed upon the recommendation of Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition. Mlkh British governor of Jamaica, and is also her representative, the Governor General, the Prime Minister appoints the person that has the support of a majority in the parliament. Council also appoints the prime minister, ministers are accountable to Parliament.  major political parties include: • People's National Party (radical) • Jamaica Labour Party (moderates).

Joined: United Nations, Commonwealth Community, Caribbean Community and Common Market Organization of American States.

Jamaica was a British colony in the seventeenth century. In the 1930s, severe social and economic problems led to rioting and political awareness. Alternation in power since independence in 1962, the People's National Party (Radical) - led by Michael Mnly - and conservative party workers - with leaders including Sir Edward Alkzandr Bastamnth and Syaga - is.

Armed forces: 3,350 (1991). 870 plus stores. Military Service: no.

Literacy rate of 85%. Compulsory education age: 6 to 16 years (not mandatory in all parts of the island). Number of: 1.

Agriculture is the economic dependence point cane and bananas are the main products. Jamaica is one of the world's largest exporter of bauxite. Tourism foreign exchange income is considered important.